Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media

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Issue 18


Refugee Filmmaking
by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Kaya Davies Hayon, and Lucia Sorbera


Debordering Academia: Centring the Displaced and Exiled in Research
by Omid Tofighian


Telephone Calls in Gianfranco Rosi’s Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare, 2016)
by Emma Wilson

Sonic Sociabilities and Stranger Relations in Arnaud des Pallières’ Adieu (2004)
by Emilija Talijan

Seascapes of Solidarity: Refugee Cinema and the Representation of the Mediterranean
by Stefanie Van De Peer

The Vulnerable Gaze of the Migrant: Eye-Witnessing and Drifting Subjectivity in Documentary Web Series
by Alice Cati

Shaming Australia: Cinematic Responses to the “Pacific Solution”
by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

Displacement, Exile and Incarceration Commuted into Cinematic Vision
by Omid Tofighian

Refugees on Film: Assessing the Political Strengths and Weaknesses of the Documentary Style
by P. Stuart Robinson

Dossier One: Challenges of Separation for Refugee Filmmaking

by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald and Lucia Sorbera

The Last Goldfish
by Su Goldfish, Joanna Newman, and Julie Ewington

Refugee Status: Privileged
by Rana Kazkaz

Collaborating with Refugees: Power, Ethics and Reciprocity in Documentary Filmmaking
by Mandy Hughes

Anonymity and Representation: Everyday Practices of Ethical Documentary Filmmaking
by Isobel Blomfield and Caroline Lenette

Dossier Two: Carceral-Border Cinema: The Film from Manus Prison

by Omid Tofighian

Film as Folklore
by Behrouz Boochani

Looking for Chauka
by Arash Kamali Sarvestani

A Reflection on Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time
by Janet Galbraith

Cinematic Poetics and Reclaiming History: Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time as Legacy
by Jeremy Elphick

Chauka Calls—A Photo Essay
by Omid Tofighian

Book Reviews

Gender in Post-9/11 American Apocalyptic TV: Representations of Masculinity and Femininity at the End of the World, by Eve Bennett
Reviewed by Martin Fradley

Are You Watching Closely?: Cultural Paranoia, New Technologies, and the Contemporary Hollywood Misdirection Film, by Seth Friedman
Reviewed by Jordan Lavender-Smith

European Cinema and Continental Philosophy: Film as Thought Experiment, by Thomas Elsaesser
Reviewed by Ekin Erkan

Writing the Comedy Movie, by Marc Blake
Reviewed by Matthew McKeague

Genre, Authorship and Contemporary Women Filmmakers, by Katarzyna Paszkiewicz
Reviewed by Anthony Kinik

Film and Fashion amidst the Ruins of Berlin: From Nazism to the Cold War, by Mila Ganeva
Reviewed by Boel Ulfsdotter

New Nonfiction Film: Art, Poetics, and Documentary Theory, by Dara Waldron
Reviewed by Darrell Varga

A Cinema of Things: Globalization and the Posthuman Object, by Elizabeth Ezra
Reviewed by James Mulvey

Carceral Fantasies: Cinema and Prison in Early Twentieth-Century America, by Alison Griffiths
Reviewed by Gwenda Young

Issue 17


Researching Creative Practice: Terminology, Policy, Models
by Ciara Chambers (Issue Editor)


The Academy and the Industry
by Rod Stoneman


But HOW Is It Not Just Practice? Or Do I Not Know Practice as Research?
by Julian McDougall

Future Experiments from the Past: Third Cinema and Artistic Research from Below
by Miguel Errazu and Alejandro Pedregal

Autoethnography and Postmemory: A Methodology for the Use of Film Forms as Research
by Romana Turina

The Essay Film as Methodology for Film Theory and Practice: Disruptions and Expansions for Film Research
by Gonzalo de Lucas and Carolina Sourdis

The Subjective Voice and Hybrid Documentary Filmmaking Strategies: A Case Study
by Jill Daniels

The WHAT IF IT Process: Moving from Story-Telling to Story-Experiencing
by Sandra Gaudenzi

Creative and Emotional Labour: Programming Human Rights Film Festivals as Practice-led Ethnography
by Alexandra Colta

Exploring Speculative Methods: Building Artifacts to Investigate Interspecies Intersubjective Subjectivity
by Alan Hook

Crossing the Boundary: The Theory & Practice Dossier

by Davide Abbatescianni and Dan O’Connell (Dossier Editors)

Surface and Light: Thinking through Moving Images
by Melanie Wilmink

The Methodology behind Digital Papers
by Catherine Gough-Brady

Cinematography and Filmmaking Research: Reflections on a Practice-led Doctoral Process
by Alexander Nevill

Fake It ’Til You Make It and Other Mantras to Completing a Practice-led/-based/with PhD
by Laura O’Connor

Encountering the Invisible
by Susanna Helke

Screen Production Research: Creative Practice as a Mode of Enquiry, edited by Craig Batty and Susan Kerrigan
Reviewer: Rod Stoneman

It Stays with You: Use of Force by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti, by Cahal McLaughlin and Siobhán Will
Reviewer: Ryan Shand

Dark Star: A Biography of Vivien Leigh, by Alan Strachan
Reviewer: Gwenda Young

The American Marshall Plan Film Campaign and the Europeans: A Captivated Audience?, by Maria Fritsche
Reviewer: Aysehan Jülide Etem

Storyboarding: A Critical History, by Chris Pallant and Steven Price
Reviewer: Hiaw Khim Tan

Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes: On Brazil and Global Cinema, edited by Maite Conde and Stephanie Dennison
Reviewer: Albert Elduque

Live Cinema: Cultures, Economies, Aesthetics, edited by Sarah Atkinson and Helen W. Kennedy
Reviewer: Malgorzata Bugaj

Documentary Media: History, Theory, Practice, by Broderick Fox
Reviewer: Patricia Holland

Documentary Case Studies: Behind the Scenes of the Greatest (True) Stories Ever Told, by Jeff Swimmer
Reviewer: Eileen Culloty

Anime: A Critical Introduction, by Rayna Denison
Reviewer: Cristina Massaccesi

Public Service Media in Europe: A Comparative Approach, edited by Karen Arriaza Ibarra, Eva Nowak, and Raymond Kuhn
Reviewer: Maria O’Brien

Book Reviews

Around the World in 14 Films: The Berlin Festival of Festivals
Reporter: Claudia Kotte

Odessa Film Festival 2016: Purple Moving Images
Reporter: Kamil Lipiński

Issue 16


Queer Media Temporalities
by Maria Pramaggiore and Páraic Kerrigan (Issue Editors)


Hiraeth, or Queering Time in Archives Otherwise
by Onyeka Igwe and JD Stokely

Games of Archiving Queerly: Artefact Collection and Defining Queer Romance in ​Gone Home and ​Life is Strange
by Renee Drouin

Delphinium’s Portrait of Queer History: Rethinking Derek Jarman’s Legacy
by Laura Stamm

Histoire(s) de l’art: Curating the Cinema of Vincent Dieutre

by Jules O’Dwyer

Reeling Backward: The Haptics of a Medium and the Queerness of Obsolescence

by Travis L. Wagner

The Life Cycle of Transparent: Envisioning Queer Space, Time and Business Practice
by Justin Wyatt

Book Reviews

Cinema’s Baroque Flesh: Film, Phenomenology and the Art of Entanglement by Saige Walton
Reviewer: Michelle Devereaux

The Aesthetic Pleasures of Girl Teen Film by Samantha Colling
Reviewer: Desirée de Jesus

Dennis Hopper, Photographs 1961–1967, edited by Dennis Hopper and Tony Shafrazi
Reviewer: Joanna Elena Batsakis

Jazz as Visual Language: Film, Television and the Dissonant Image by Nicolas Pillai
Reviewer: Anthony Ballas

The Act of Documenting: Documentary Film in the 21st Century by Brian Winston, Gail Vanstone and Wang Chi
Reviewer: Raluca Iacob

Godard and Sound: Acoustic Innovation in the Late Films of Jean-Luc Godard by Albertine Fox
Reviewer: Caitríona Walsh

My Life and the Final Days of Hollywood by Claude Jarman Jr.
Reviewer: Gwenda Young

Festival Reports

Real and Unreal Things: Virtual Reality at the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival
Reporter: Kath Dooley

Same Vision, New Visibility: Il Cinema Ritrovato 2018
Reporter: Andrea Gelardi

A Film Festival Thinking Itself: The 66th San Sebastian International Film Festival
Reporter: Pablo La Parra-Pérez

Issue 15


I-Docs as Intervention: The Poetics and Politics of Polyphony
Judith Aston and Stefano Odorico (Issue Editors)


Thirty Speculations Towards a Polyphonic Model for New Media Documentary

by Patricia R. Zimmermann


Exercising Radical Democracy: The Crisis of Representation and Interactive Documentary as an Agent of Change

by Amir Husak

Beyond “Toolness”: Korsakow Documentary as a Methodology for Plurivocal Interventions in Complexity
by Anna Wiehl

Rediscovering “Wonder” through I-Docs: Reflections on “Immersive” Viewing in the Context of Contemporary Digital/Visual Practices

by Paolo Favero

The Poetics and Politics of Polyphony: Towards a Research Method for Interactive Documentary

by Judith Aston and Stefano Odorico


Polyphony in Practice: An Interview with Sharon Daniel
by Sharon Daniel, Judith Aston, and Stefano Odorico

Enacting Polyphony: An Interview with Florian Thalhofer
by Florian Thalhofer, Judith Aston, and Stefano Odorico

Case Studies

The Shore Line as Polyphony in Practice: A Case Study
by Elizabeth Miller

Experimental Polyphony: On the Media Ecological Research of Intermediate Bodies
by Daniel Fetzner and Martin Dornberg

Book Reviews

Abbas Kiarostami and Film-Philosophy by Mathew Abbott
Reviewer: Kelly Houck

Authoring Hal Ashby: The Myth of the New Hollywood Auteur by Aaron Hunter
Reviewer: Nicholas Godfrey

Feminist Film Theory and Pretty Woman by Mari Ruti
Reviewer: Alice Guilluy

When Movies Were Theater: Architecture, Exhibition, and the Evolution of American Film by William Paul
Reviewer: Tober Corrigan

Festival Reports

Far East Film Festival 20
Reporters: Boel Ulfsdotter and Mats Björkin

“Looking Out”: The 2018 Association for Art History’s Annual Conference
Reporter: Gillian McIver

Issue 14


For a Cosmopolitan Cinema
James Mulvey, Laura Rascaroli, and Humberto Saldanha (Issue Editors)


Encounters with Cultural Difference: Cosmopolitanism and Exoticism in Tanna (Martin Butler and Bentley Dean, 2015) and Embrace of the Serpent (Ciro Guerra, 2015)
by Daniela Berghahn

Cosmopolitan Pleasures and Affects; Or Why Are We Still Talking about Yellowface in Twenty-First-Century Cinema?

by Felicia Chan

“Now I Fight for Belonging”: A Cosmopolitan Refugee Meets Regional Australia in Constance on the Edge
by Sukhmani Khorana

Global Film at Global Airlines

by Dina Iordanova

Cosmopolitan Spaces of International Film Festivals: Cannes Film Festival and the French Riviera

by Dorota Ostrowska

Film Festivals as Cosmopolitan Assemblages: A Case Study in Diasporic Cocreation
by Monia Acciari

The Films of Ciro Guerra and the Making of Cosmopolitan Spaces in Colombian Cinema
by Maria Luna

Imperial and Critical Cosmopolitans: Screening the Multicultural City on Sherlock and Elementary
by Anne Kustritz


Teaching European Cinema—The European University Film Award (EUFA) Project
by Skadi Loist

Book Reviews

Making Time in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon: Art History and Empire, by Maria Pramaggiore
Reviewer: Gillian McIver

From Self-fulfilment to Survival of the Fittest: Work in European Cinema from the 1960s to the Present by Ewa Mazierska
Reviewer: Nick Hodgin

Compact Cinematics: The Moving Image in the Age of Bit-Sized Media, edited by Pepita Hesselberth and Maria Poulaki
Reviewer: Virginia McLaurin

Festival Reports

Film Policies in Transition: Globalization, Digitization, Protectionism
King’s College London, 2 June 2017

Reporter: Gertjan Willems

Document Human Rights Film Festival 2017
Reporter: Alexandra-Maria Colta

Issue 13


Screening Race: Constructions and Reconstructions in Twenty-first Century Media
by Loretta Goff and Caroline V. Schroeter (Issue Editors


Riot and Revenge: Symmetry and the Cronulla Riot in Abe Forsythe’s Down Under
by Kenta McGrath

“Racism’s part of my culture”: Nation, Race and Humour in Irish Jam (2006) and The Guard (2011)

by Loretta Goff

Representing Ethnicity in Cinema during Turkey’s Kurdish Initiative: A Critical Analysis of My Marlon and Brando (Karabey, 2008), The Storm (Öz, 2008) and Future Lasts Forever (Alper, 2011)
by Zeynep Koçer and Mustafa Orhan Göztepe

The Fight for Self-representation: Ainu Imaginary, Ethnicity and Assimilation

by Marcos P. Centeno Martín

Multicultural Glasgow: Imagining Scotland as a Space of Cultural Intersection in Scots-Asian Films of the 2000s

by Emily Torricelli

Depicting the Racist Past in a “Postracial” Age: The White, Male Protagonist in Hell on Wheels and The Knick
by Michael L. Wayne

How to Get Away with Colour: Colour-Blindness and the Myth of a Postracial America in American Television Series
by Emiel Martens and Débora Póvoa

Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation: Classical Hollywood Cinema or Independent Rebellion?
by Caroline V. Schroeter

Book Reviews

The Grace of Destruction: A Vital Ethology of Extreme Cinemas, by Elena del Río, and Bodies in Pain: Emotion and the Cinema of Darren Aronofsky, by Tarja Laine
Reviewer: Jenny Gunn

Lars von Trier’s Women, edited by Rex Butler and David Denny
Reviewer: Silvia Angeli

Screenwriting Is Rewriting: The Art and Craft of Professional Revision, by Jack Epps, Jr.
Reviewer: Göksu Akkan

Animated Landscapes: History, Form and Function, edited by Chris Pallant
Reviewer: Yuanyuan Chen

Festival Reports

Consuming Heritage
University of Leeds, 30 September 2016

Reporter: Daniel Clarke

Sheffield Doc/Fest
9–14 June 2017

Reporter: James Mulvey

Retrospective 2017: Future Imperfect. Science · Fiction · Film
67th Berlin International Film Festival

Reporter: Dominic Topp

Issue 12


The New Old: Archaisms and Anachronisms across Media
by Stefano Baschiera and Elena Caoduro (Issue Editors)


Media Hysteresis: Persistence Through Change
by Philippe Theophanidis and Ghislain Thibault

Performing History/ies with Obsolete Media: The Example of a South African Photo-Film

by Marietta Kesting

Analogue Video in the Age of Retrospectacle: Aesthetics, Technology, Subculture
by Jonathan Rozenkrantz

The Wonder Years: Nostalgia, Memory and Pastness in Television Credits

by Kathleen Williams

Retro Quality and Historical Consciousness in Contemporary European Television

by Louis Bayman

Book Reviews

Darren Aronofsky’s Films and the Fragility of Hope, by Jadranka Skorin-Kapov
Reviewer: Logan Davis

Psychoanalytic Film Theory and The Rules of the Game, by Todd McGowan
Reviewer: James Driscoll

Dreaming of Cinema: Spectatorship, Surrealism, and the Age of Digital Media, by Adam Lowenstein
Reviewer: Zsolt Gyenge

Cinematic Ghosts: Haunting and Spectrality from Silent Cinema to the Digital Era, edited by Murray Leeder
Reviewer: Anton Karl Kozlovic

Cinematic Terror: A Global History of Terrorism on Film, by Tony Shaw
Reviewer: Elena Caoduro

Festival Reports

Screening Rights Film Festival Birmingham, UK, 15–18 September 2016
Reporters: Will Amott and Pablo Alvarez

Live Cinema Conference King’s College London, 27 May 2016
Reporters: Sarah Atkinson and Helen W. Kennedy

Scalarama UK, 1–30 September 2016
Reporter: Maria A. Velez-Serna

Issue 11


Cinema Heritage in Europe
by Pierluigi Ercole; Daniela Treveri Gennari; Silvia Dibeltulo; and Lies Van de Vijver (Issue Editors)


New Cinema History and the Comparative Mode: Reflections on Comparing Historical Cinema Cultures
by Daniel Biltereyst and Philippe Meers

Cinemagoing as Spatially Contextualised Cultural and Social Practice

by Elisa Ravazzoli

Cinema Parisien 3D: 3D Visualisation as a Tool for the History of Cinemagoing
by Julia Noordegraaf and Norbert Bakke

Ethnography as a Tool of Cinema History: Cinemagoing in Light of the Experience of a Local Film Market

by Jean-Marc Leveratto and Fabrice Montebello

Narrative Modes of Cinemagoing Memories

by Susanne Haake

Visualising Data in Digital Cinema Studies: More than Just Going through the Motions?
by Deb Verhoeven

Book Reviews

The Magic World of Orson Welles, by James Naremore (2015)
Reviewer: Shannon Scott

The History of British Literature on Film, 1895–2015, by Greg M. Colón Semenza and Bob Hasenfratz (2015)
Reviewer: Kevin M. Flanagan

Swashbucklers: The Costume Adventure Series, by James Chapman (2015)
Reviewer: Lucinda Pope

The Three Amigos: The Transnational Filmmaking of Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro González Iñárritu and Alfonso Cuarón, by Deborah Shaw (2013)
Reviewer: Elliot Hardman

Laurent Cantet, by Martin O’Shaughnessy (2015)
Reviewer: Ally Lee

Festival Reports

45th International Film Festival Rotterdam
27 January–7 February 2016

Reporter: Emre Çağlayan

12th Irish Screen Studies Seminar
Dublin City University, 11 May 2016

Reporter: Loretta Goff

Issue 10


Women and Media in the Twenty-First Century
by Abigail Keating and Jill Murphy (Issue Editors)


The Gendered Politics of Sex Work in Hong Kong Cinema: Herman Yau and Elsa Chan (Yeeshan)’s Whispers and Moans and True Women for Sale
by Gina Marchetti

Girlhood, Postfeminism and Contemporary Female Art-House Authorship: The “Nameless Trilogies” of Sofia Coppola and Mia Hansen-Løve

by Fiona Handyside

Femininity, Ageing and Performativity in the Work of Amy Heckerling
by Frances Smith

Motherhood in Crisis in Lucrecia Martel’s Salta Trilogy

by Fiona Clancy

Female Stardom in Contemporary Romanian New Wave Cinema: Unglamour?

by Andrea Virginás

“Nice White Ladies Don’t Go Around Barefoot”: Racing the White Subjects of The Help (Tate Taylor, 2011)
by Marie-Alix Thouaille

Pocahontas No More: Indigenous Women Standing Up for Each Other in Twenty-First Century Cinema
by Sophie Mayer

The Feminist Cinema of Joanna Hogg: Melodrama, Female Space, and the Subversion of Phallogocentric Metanarrative
by Ciara Barrett

African Women of the Screen at the Digital Turn
by Beti Ellerson

Book Reviews

The Lumière Galaxy: Seven Key Words for the Cinema to Come, by Francesco Casetti (2015)
Reviewer: Niall Flynn

Decades Never Start on Time: A Richard Roud Anthology, edited by Michael Temple and Karen Smolens (2014)
Reviewer: Laura Busetta

Film & Making Other History: Counterhegemonic Narratives for a Cinema of the Subaltern, by Alejandro Pedregal (2015)
Reviewer: David Brancaleone

Journeys in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema: Road Films in a Global Era, by Natália Pinazza (2014)
Reviewer: Jamie Steele

TV Museum: Contemporary Art and the Age of Television, by Maeve Connolly (2014)
Reviewer: Erica Levin

Festival Reports

John Di Stefano: Bandiera Nera
Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, 23 January–21 February 2015

Reporter: Aleksandr Andreas Wansbrough

Issue 9


by Jill Murphy and Nicholas O'Riordan (Issue Editors)


The Taming of the Bronies: Animals, Autism and Fandom as Therapeutic Performance
by Maria Pramaggiore

Continuing the Deviating Tradition of Hungarian Experimental Film Art: András Jeles’s Joseph and His BrothersScenes from a Peasant Bible

by Gábor Gelencsér

Inf(l)ection of the Medium: Sándor Kardos’s Films in Between Eye and Hand

by Mónika Dánél

Europe of “Others”: Deviations, Mobility, and the Construction of Identities in Carmine Amoroso’s Cover Boy

by Abigail Keating

Disembodied Perspective: Third-Person Images in GoPro Videos

by Philippe Bédard

“Gas Her”: Deviant Paradigms of Identification in Interactive Spectatorship
by Marina Hassapopoulou

Book Reviews

Men’s Cinema: Masculinity and Mise en Scène in Hollywood, by Stella Bruzzi (2013)
Reviewer: Ian Murphy

China’s iGeneration: Cinema and Moving Image Culture for the Twenty-First Century, edited by Matthew Johnson et al. (2014)
Reviewer: Leung Wing-Fai

Slow Movies: Countering the Cinema of Action, by Ira Jaffe (2014)
Reviewer: Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

Beyond the Screen: Emerging Cinema and Engaging Audiences, by Sarah Atkinson (2014)
Reviewer: Jonathan Wroot

Festival Reports

Political Cinema in the 21st Century: The Radical Film Network Inaugural Conference
Birmingham City University, 7–8 February 2015

Reporter: Kelly Zarins

BAFTA 2015: Film Craft Sessions
BAFTA London
, 7 February 2015

Reporters: Jake Martin Graves and Conan Coatsworth

51st International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
Antalya, Turkey, 10–18 October 2014

Reporter: Murat Akser

Issue 8


Animation at the Cutting Edge
by Yuanyuan Chen and Laura Rascaroli (Issue Editors)


Chairy Tales: Object and Materiality in Animation
by Paul Wells

To Infinity and Back Again: Hand-drawn Aesthetic and Affection for the Past in Pixar's Pioneering Animation
by Helen Haswell

When Imaginary Cartoon Worlds Get the "Documentary Look": Understanding Mockumentary Through Its Animated Variant
by Cristina Formenti

Tango for a Dream: Narrative Liminality and Musical Sensuality in Richard Linklater's Waking Life
by Danijela Kulezic-Wilson

Rolling Amnesia and the Omnivorous Now: Jeff Scher's You Won't Remember This Trilogy (20072011)
by Lilly Husbands

Book Reviews

Animated Documentary, by Annabelle Honess Roe (2013)
Reviewer: Susan Danta

Festival Reports

Chris Marker: A Grin Without a Cat
Whitechapel Gallery, London, 16 April–22June 2014

Reporter: Laura Busetta

The 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Karlovy Vary, 4–12 July 2014

Reporter: Natascha Drubek

Rendering (the) Visible II: Figure
Georgia State University, 6–8 February 2014

Reporters: Laurel Ahnert and Justin Horton

Issue 7


Corporeal Cinema
by Ian Murphy and Gwenda Young (Issue Editors)


Corporeality and Embodiment in the Female Boxing Film
by Katharina Lindner

Art as a Guaranty of Sanity: The Skin I Live In
by Tarja Laine

Dark Fragments: Contrasting Corporealities in Pasolini's La ricotta
by Jill Murphy

Reconsidering the Body Genre: Rape-Revenge and Postfeminist Softcore as Biocultural Phenomena
by David Andrews

The Work of an Invisible Body: The Contribution of Foley Artists to On-Screen Effort
by Lucy Fife Donaldson

Beyond the Human Body: Claire Denis's Ecologies
by Laura McMahon

Book Reviews

Dark Borders: Film Noir and American Citizenship, by Jonathan Auerbach (2011)
Reviewer: Christina Parker-Flynn

Authorship and the Films of David Lynch: Aesthetic Receptions in Contemporary Hollywood, by Antony Todd (2012)
Reviewer: Deborah Mellamphy

Performing Authorship: Self-Inscription and Corporeality in the Cinema, by Cecilia Sayad (2013)
Reviewer: Laura Busetta

Festival Reports

33rd International Istanbul Film Festival
Istanbul, Turkey, 5–20 April 2014

Reporter: Özge Özdüzen Ateşman

The 2014 Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF)
Atlanta, GA, U.S.A, 26 March–4 April 2014

Reporter: Erin Lee Mock

Imagining the Past: Ken Russell, Biography and the Art of Making History
Cinema RITS, Brussels, BE, 19–20 March 2014

Reporter: Kevin M. Flanagan

Issue 6


Reframing Cinema Histories
by Pierluigi Ercole and Gwenda Young (Issue Editors)


"A Taste in Pictures": The Second Birth of Cinema in Cork
by Denis Condon

Understanding Dutch Film Culture: A Comparative Approach
by Judith Thissen

"The Greatest Film of the Fascist Era": The Distribution of Camicia nera in Britain
by Pierluigi Ercole

Exploring Racial Politics, Personal History and Critical Reception: Clarence Brown's Intruder in the Dust (1949)
by Gwenda Young

An Advertiser's Dream: The Construction of the "Consumptionist" Cinematic Persona of Mercedes Gleitze
by Ciara Chambers

The Politics of Independence: The China Syndrome (1979), Hollywood Liberals and Antinuclear Campaigning
by Peter Krämer

What is the Value of a Technological History of Cinema?
by Lee Grieveson

Book Reviews

A Book on the Making of Lonesome Dove, by John Spong (2012)
Reviewer: Matthew Carter

Ex-Cinema: From a Theory of Experimental Film and Video, by Akira Mizuta Lippit (2012)
Reviewer: Niall Flynn

Men and Masculinities in Irish Cinema, by Debbie Ging (2013)
Reviewer: Barry Monahan

Festival Reports

World Cinema On-Demand: Film Distribution and Education in the Streaming Media Era
Queen's University Belfast, 1516 June 2012; 26 June 2013; 19 September 2013
Reporter: Alexandra Kapka

Revisiting Star Studies
Culture Lab, Newcastle University, 1214 June 2013
Reporter: Jennifer O'Meara

A Star is Born: Cinematic Reflections on Stardom and the "Stardom Film"
King's College London, 13 September 2013
Reporter: Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg

Issue 5


Cinema in the Interstices
by Abigail Keating, Deborah Mellamphy and Jill Murphy (Issue Editors)


Interstices and Impurities in the Cinema: Art and Science
by Angela Dalle Vacche

Between Frames: Japanese Cinema at the Digital Turn
by Laura Lee

Montage in the Portrait Film: Where Does the Hidden Time Lie?
by Patrick Tarrant

Picturing a Golden Age: September and Australian Rules
by Pauline Marsh

Memories of a Buried Past, Indications of a Disregarded Present: Interstices Between Past and Present in Henri-François Imbert’s No pasarán, album souvenir
by Veronika Schweigl

Ma, Mu and the Interstice: Meditative Form in the Cinema of Jim Jarmusch
by Roy Daly

The Tales of New Orleans after Katrina: The Interstices of Fact and Fiction in Treme
by Delphine Letort

"Cinema Alone", Multiple "Cinemas"
by Raymond Bellour

Book Reviews

Stop the Clocks! Time and Narrative in Cinema, by Helen Powell (2012)
Reviewer: Deborah Mellamphy

Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western: Politics, Violence and Popular Italian Cinema, by Austin Fisher (2011)
Reviewer: Mike Phillips

Mad Men: Dream Come True TV, edited by Gary R. Edgerton (2011)
Reviewer: Aidan Power

Festival Reports

Jonas Mekas
Serpentine Gallery, London, 5 December 201227 January 2013
Reporter: Laura Busetta

Dis-placing the East/West Binary: Aesthetic and Cultural Crossover in Film and Visual Culture
Cardiff University, 2 November 2012
Reporter: Hiu M. Chan

ECREA 2012, 4th European Communication Conference, Film Studies Section
Istanbul, 2527 October 2012
Reporter: Gertjan Willems

Issue 4


Open Theme
by Stefano Odorico and Aidan Power (Issue Editors)


Who’s Got the “Reel” Power? The Problem of Female Antagonisms in Blaxploitation Cinema
by Melissa DeAnn Seifert

Egyptian Film Censorship: Safeguarding Society, Upholding Taboos
by Dina Mansour

“I Get Sort of Carried Away, Being So Normal and Everything”: The Oscillating Sexuality of Clare Quilty and Humbert Humbert in the works of Nabokov, Kubrick and Lyne
by Emerson Storm Fillman Richards

Towards an Embodied Poetics of Cinema: The Metaphoric Construction of Abstract Meaning in Film
by Maarten Coëgnarts and Peter Kravanja

Film-Thinking and Narrative Indeterminacy
by Jimmy Billingham

Image Versus Imagination: Memory’s Theatre of Cruelty in Chris Marker’s La Jetée
by Martina Witt-Jauch

Anima Animus: Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Bisexual Method in Last Exit to Brooklyn
by Ian Murphy

Book Reviews

Film Theory: Rational Reconstructions, by Warren Buckland (2012)
Reviewer: Kevin McDonald

Recording Reality, Desiring the Real, by Elizabeth Cowie (2011)
Reviewer: Amy Parziale

The Neuro-Image: A Deleuzian Film-Philosophy of Digital Screen Culture, by Patricia Pisters (2012)
Reviewer: Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

Festival Reports

Motion Capture: Drawing and the Moving Image. Curated by Ed Krčma and Matt Packer
Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, 26 July–4 November 2012
Reporter: Jill Murphy

The Society of Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference 2012
Boston, USA, 21–25 March 2012
Reporters: Anthony Coman and Missy Molloy

Issue 3


Sound, Voice, Music
by Danijela Kulezic-Wilson, Christopher Morris and Jessica Shine (Issue Editors)


The Same Old Songs in Reagan-Era Teen Film
by Michael D. Dwyer

Performing Gender in the Studio and Postmodern Musical
by Michael Charlton

When is the Now in the Here and There? Trans-diegetic Music in Hal Ashby’s Coming Home
by Aaron Hunter

Beneath Sci-fi Sound: Primer, Science Fiction Sound Design, and American Independent Cinema
by Nessa Johnston

Cultural Innovation and Narrative Synergy in R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet
by Ioana Literat

Emotion Capture: Vocal Performances by Children in the Computer-animated Film
by Christopher Holliday

Book Reviews

Media and Memory, by Joanne Garde-Hansen (2011)
Reviewer: Elena Caoduro

Film Festivals: Culture, People, and Power on the Global Screen, by Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong (2011)
Reviewer: Fiona Lee

Music Video and the Politics of Representation, by Diane Railton and Paul Watson (2011)
Reviewer: Antonio Sanna

Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media: A Critical Overview, by Graeme Harper, Ruth Doughty and Jochen Eisentraut (eds.) (2009)
Reviewer: Penny Spirou

Seeing Through Music: Gender and Modernism in Classic Hollywood Film Scores, by Peter Franklin (2011)
Reviewer: K. A. Wisniewski

Siren City: Sound and Source Music in Classic American Noir, by Robert Miklitsch (2011)
Reviewer: James A. Wren

Festival Reports

Dysfunctionalities. Annual Conference of the German Society for Media Science (GfM)
Postdam, Germany, 5-8 October 2011
Reporter: Patricia Prieto Blanco

The Impact of Technological Innovations on the Historiography and Theory of Cinema
Montreal, Canada, 1-6 November 2011
Reporter: Daniel Fitzpatrick

The End Of…? An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Study of Motion Pictures
University of Kent, Canterbury, 21-22 January 2012
Reporter: James MacDowell

Issue 2


Space and Time in Film
by Marian Hurley, Deborah Mellamphy and Jill Moriarty (Issue Editors)


Scrutinising the Rainbow: Fantastic Space in The Wizard of Oz
by Alexander Sergeant

Bullet-Time in Simulation City: Revisiting Baudrillard and The Matrix by way of the "Real 1999"
by Randy Laist

Personal Time in Alternative and Time Travel Narrative: The Cases of Groundhog Day, Twelve Monkeys and 2001: A Space Odyssey
by Elisa Pezzotta

Revisiting the Past as a Means of Validation: Bridging the Myth of the Resistance and the Satire of the Economic Miracle in Two Comedies "Italian Style"
by Giacomo Boitani

From History to Haecceity: Spatial Reframings of the Past in Post-heritage Cinema
by Elise Wortel

Making Nothing Happen: The Transition from Reactive Nihilism to Affirmation in Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers (2005)
by Anna Backman Rogers

Book Reviews

Funny Frames: The Filmic Concepts of Michael Haneke, by Oliver C. Speck (2010)
by Reviewer: Jeremiah Ambrose

Celluloid Saviours: Angels and Reform Politics in Hollywood Film, by Emily Caston (2010)
by Reviewer: Mithuraaj Dhusiya

Hollywood Catwalk: Exploring Costume and Transformation in American Film, by Tamar Jeffers McDonald (2010)
by Reviewer: Rebecca Kambuta

What Cinema Is! Bazin’s Quest and its Charge, by Dudley Andrew (2010)
by Reviewer: Kevin McDonald

Tim Burton: The Monster and the Crowd: A Post-Jungian Perspective, by Helena Bassil-Morozow (2010)
by Reviewer: Deborah Mellamphy

Animating Space: From Mickey To WALL-E, by J.P. Telotte (2010)
by Reviewer: Mihaela Mihailova

Festival Reports

16th Kolkata Film Festival
Kolkata, India, 10-17 November 2010

by Reporter: Saayan Chattopadhyay

The ISEA 2011 Istanbul International Symposium on Electronic Art
Sabaci Center, Istanbul, 14-21 September 2011

by Reporter: Jodi Nelson

Issue 1


Back to the Future: The European Film Studies Agenda Today
by Laura Rascaroli

European Cinema: Transnational, Transcultural, Transmedial
Issue Editors' Note
by Abigail Keating, Jill Murphy and Aidan Power


Transnationality and Transitionality: Sandra Kogut's The Hungarian Passport (2001)
by Natália Pinazza

Paris, Borders and the Concept of Europe in Paris, je t'aime and Code Unknown
by Vivien Silvey

Lindsay Anderson: Britishness and National Cinemas
by Isabelle Gourdin-Sangouard

The Fictive Archive: Kurdish Filmmaking in Turkey
by Özgür Çiçek

Ideas of Sex: Discourses on Sexuality in Liliana Cavani's The Night Porter and Cesare Canevari's The Gestapo's Last Orgy
by Nick Impey

Cinema/History: Philippe Garrel, Bernardo Bertolucci and May 1968
by Michael Leonard

Face to Face with the Muslim "Other": European Cinematic Responses to Al-Qaeda
by Elena Caoduro

Book Reviews

Screening Strangers: Migration and Diaspora in Contemporary European Cinema, by Yosefa Loshitzky (2010)
Reviewer: Aidan Power

Cinema, Memory, Modernity: The Representations of Memory from the Art Film to Transnational Cinema, by Russel J.A. Kilbourn (2010)
Reviewer: Colm Ryan

Conference Reports

The “Biographical Narrative in Film and Television” Postgraduate Seminar Series
University of Southampton, May and June 2010
Reporter: Victoria Kearley

The Society of Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference 2011: Media Citizenship
New Orleans, USA, March 10-13, 2011

Reporter: Deborah Mellamphy

Festival Reports

The Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival
Schull, County Cork, 26-29
May 2011

Reporter: Barry Monahan

Film 4 Frightfest, 2010
London, 26-30 August 2010

Reporter: Deborah Mellamphy


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