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Alphaville Journal of Film and Screen Media Podcast.
Episode 06, Issue 21, Mining Memories

Additional music: Tom's Lullaby (with Les Gauchers Orchestra) by Lee Maddeford



Mining Memories: New Explorations in Cinema, Memory and the Past
by Gwenda Young


Re-presenting Histories: Documentary Film and Architectural Ruins in Brutality in Stone
by Frances Guerin

“Non-Sites of Memory”: Poland in Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah Outtakes
by Sue Vice and Dominic Williams

Silent (Un)Becoming Song: Poetic Adventures in History, Memory and Identity in Papusza and Song of Granite
by Elzbieta Buslowska

In Search of a Lost Cinema: Cinephilia and Multidirectional Moving Image Memory in Golden Slumbers
by Marie Krämer

Queering Cultural Memory Through Technology: Transitional Spaces in AR and VR
by Maud Ceuterick

Dossier - History of Cinemagoing: Archives and Projects

by Pierluigi Ercole, Daniela Treveri-Gennari, and Lies Van de Vijver

Cinema Memories in 3D Modelling and Virtual Reality Storytelling: The Odeon Cinema in Udine
by Eleonora Roaro

Hiding in Plain Sight: A Case Study of a Cinema History Project in Leeds, UK
by Laura Ager

A Digital Archive Is Born: Revisiting the Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain Collection
by Julia McDowell and Annie Nissen

Modern Routines: The Perception of Time and Space in Film Spectators’ Memories of Cinemagoing in 1940s Buenos Aires
by Cecilia Nuria Gil Mariño, Alejandro Kelly-Hopfenblatt, Clara Kriger, Marina Moguillansky, and Sonia Sasiain

Filmgoing or Cinemagoing? The Role of the Film Text within Cinema Memory
by Jamie Terrill

Book Reviews

Reviews Editor’s Note
by Jill Murphy

Cinema Against Doublethink: Ethical Encounters with the Lost Pasts of World History, by David Martin-Jones
Reviewed by Laurence Kent

Play Time: Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism, by Malcolm Turvey
Reviewed by Gianni Barchiesi

American Eccentric Cinema, by Kim Wilkins
Reviewed by Ed Cameron

Roland Barthes and Film: Myth, Eroticism and Poetics, by Patrick ffrench
Reviewed by Josh Heaps

Mexican Transnational Cinema and Literature, edited by Maricruz Castro Ricalde, Mauricio Díaz Calderón and James Ramey
Reviewed by Carolina Rocha

Negotiating Dissidence: The Pioneering Women of Arab Documentary, by Stefanie Van De Peer
Reviewed by Kaya Davies Hayon

International Politics and Film: Space, Vision, Power, by Sean Carter and Klaus Dodds
Reviewed by Juneko J. Robinson

Women in the International Film Industry: Policy, Practice and Power, edited by Susan Liddy
Reviewed by Kath Dooley

100 Essential Indian Films, by Rohit K. Dasgupta and Sangeeta Datta
Reviewed by Darshana Chakrabarty

A Critical Companion to James Cameron, edited by Adam Barkman and Antonio Sanna
Reviewed by Martin Jones