Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media


Issue Contents



Spotlight on Early Career Research in Film Studies
by James Mulvey, Issue Editor


Illuminationist Cinema: How Islamic Mysticism Inspired Morteza Avini’s Sacred Defence Documentaries of the Iran–Iraq War and His Attempt at Constructing a Film Theory
by Kaveh Abbasian

Reframing Diaspora Cinema: Towards a Theoretical Framework
by Alexander De Man

Freedom Smothered: Gang Rape as Patriarchal Punishment of Emancipated Women in Yugoslav New Film
by Vesi Vuković

Dossier: Screen Advertising

by Emily Caston, Dossier Editor

How Long Is a Good Story? Compressed Narratives in British Screen Advertising Since 1955
by Emily Caston

Commercial Break: British Advertising on Screen
by Steven Foxon

Constructions of Race in Advertising Archives: The “Silent” Chinese Minority
by Sally Chan

Interview: Juliette Larthe
by Emily Caston

Interview: Georgia Hudson
by Emily Caston

Interview: Daniel Kleinman
by Emily Caston

Book Reviews
Edited by Jill Murphy

Gotham City Living: The Social Dynamics in the Batman Comics and Media, by Erica McCrystal
Reviewed by Gordon Alley-Young

Filming History from Below: Microhistorical Documentaries, by Efrén Cuevas
Reviewed by Zachariah Anderson

Life-Destroying Diagrams, by Eugenie Brinkema
Reviewed by Augustin

Russian TV Series in the Era of Transition: Genres, Technologies, Identities, edited by Alexander Prokhorov, Elena Prokhorova and Rimgaila Salys
Reviewed by Sofiia Dabizha

The Ghost in the Image: Technology and Reality in the Horror Genre, by Cecilia Sayad
Reviewed by Mikki Kressbach

Movie Mavens: US Newspaper Women Take on the Movies, 1914–1923, edited by Richard Abel
Reviewed by Gabrielle Stecher

Women, Feminism and Italian Cinema: Archives from a Film Culture, by Dalila Missero
Reviewed by Francesco Sticchi