Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media


Issue Contents


Reframing Cinema Histories
by Pierluigi Ercole and Gwenda Young (Issue Editors)


"A Taste in Pictures": The Second Birth of Cinema in Cork
by Denis Condon

Understanding Dutch Film Culture: A Comparative Approach
by Judith Thissen

"The Greatest Film of the Fascist Era": The Distribution of Camicia nera in Britain
by Pierluigi Ercole

Exploring Racial Politics, Personal History and Critical Reception: Clarence Brown's Intruder in the Dust (1949)
by Gwenda Young

An Advertiser's Dream: The Construction of the "Consumptionist" Cinematic Persona of Mercedes Gleitze
by Ciara Chambers

The Politics of Independence: The China Syndrome (1979), Hollywood Liberals and Antinuclear Campaigning
by Peter Krämer

What is the Value of a Technological History of Cinema?
by Lee Grieveson

Book Reviews

A Book on the Making of Lonesome Dove, by John Spong
Reviewed by Matthew Carter

Ex-Cinema: From a Theory of Experimental Film and Video, by Akira Mizuta Lippit
Reviewed by Niall Flynn

Men and Masculinities in Irish Cinema, by Debbie Ging
Reviewed by Barry Monahan

Book Reviews Editor: Ian Murphy


World Cinema On-Demand: Film Distribution and Education in the Streaming Media Era
Queen's University Belfast, 15–16 June 2012; 26 June 2013; 19 September 2013
Report by Alexandra Kapka

Revisiting Star Studies
Culture Lab, Newcastle University, 12–14 June 2013
Report by Jennifer O'Meara

A Star is Born: Cinematic Reflections on Stardom and the "Stardom Film"
King's College London, 13 September 2013
Report by Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg

Reports Editor: Yuanyuan Chen