Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media



“Cinema, Alone”/Multiple “Cinemas”

Raymond Bellour


Abstract: This lecture was presented as part of a series of twenty-five conferences on cinema and the arts held between 2001–2002 at the Collège d’Histoire de l’Art Cinématographique, Cinémathèque française. It was first published in French, as “Le Cinéma seul/Multiples ‘cinémas’”. Le Septième Art. Le cinéma parmi les arts. Ed. Jacques Aumont. Paris: Léo Scheer, 2003, 257–80. Print. Some elements of the essay have since been integrated in the introductory chapter of La Querelle des dispositifs. Cinéma – expositions, installations, coll. “Trafic”. Paris: P.O.L, 2012. Print.


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