Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media


Issue Contents


Cinema in the Interstices
by Abigail Keating, Deborah Mellamphy and Jill Murphy (Issue Editors)


Interstices and Impurities in the Cinema: Art and Science
by Angela Dalle Vacche

Between Frames: Japanese Cinema at the Digital Turn
by Laura Lee

Montage in the Portrait Film: Where Does the Hidden Time Lie?
by Patrick Tarrant

Picturing a Golden Age: September and Australian Rules
by Pauline Marsh

Memories of a Buried Past, Indications of a Disregarded Present: Interstices Between Past and Present in Henri-François Imbert’s No pasarán, album souvenir
by Veronika Schweigl

Ma, Mu and the Interstice: Meditative Form in the Cinema of Jim Jarmusch
by Roy Daly

The Tales of New Orleans after Katrina: The Interstices of Fact and Fiction in Treme
by Delphine Letort

"Cinema Alone"/ Multiple "Cinemas"
by Raymond Bellour

Book Reviews

Stop the Clocks! Time and Narrative in Cinema, by Helen Powell
Reviewed by Deborah Mellamphy

Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western: Politics, Violence and Popular Italian Cinema, by Austin Fisher
Reviewed by Mike Phillips

Mad Men: Dream Come True TV, edited by Gary R. Edgerton
Reviewed by Aidan Power

Book Reviews Editor: Ian Murphy