Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media


Issue Contents


On the Cultural Circulation of Contemporary European Crime Cinema
by Stefano Baschiera


DETECting the “Noirification” of European Popular Narratives Across Film, Fiction and Television
by Federico Pagello

Capturing European Crime: European Crime Cinema at European Film Festivals
by Russ Hunter

The Troubles Crime Thriller and the Future of Films about Northern Ireland
by Richard Gallagher

The Distribution and Promotion of Dogman (2016) in the United States
by Damiano Garofalo

Cosmopolitan Crimes: Sebastian Schipper’s Victoria (2015) and the Distribution of European Crime Films
by Markus Schleich

Book Reviews

Documentary Across Platforms: Reverse Engineering Media, Place, and Politics, by Patricia R. Zimmerman
Reviewed by Dara Waldron

The Red Years of Cahiers du Cinéma (1968–1973), by Daniel Fairfax
Reviewed by Marco Grosoli

Twenty-First-Century Hollywood: Rebooting the System, by Neil Archer
Reviewed by Alexander Christensen

Below the Stars: How the Labor of Working Actors and Extras Shapes Media Production, by Kate Fortmueller
Reviewed by Yan Jin

Ride the Frontier: Exploring the Myth of the American West on Screen, by Flavia Brizio-Skov
Reviewed by Andrew Corsini

Not Your Average Zombie: Rehumanizing the Undead from Voodoo to Zombie Walks, by Chera Kee
Reviewed by Lea Espinoza Garrido

Lost in the Dark: A World History of Horror, by Brad Weismann
Reviewed by Andrew Montiveo

Spaces of Women’s Cinema: Space, Place and Genre in Contemporary Women’s Filmmaking, by Sue Thornham
Reviewed by Donatella Valente

Cinema and Intermediality: The Passion for the In-Between (Second, Enlarged Edition), by Ágnes Pethő
Reviewed by Jill Murphy