Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media


Issue Contents


I-Docs as Intervention: The Poetics and Politics of Polyphony
by Judith Aston and Stefano Odorico (Issue Editors)


Thirty Speculations Towards a Polyphonic Model for New Media Documentary
by Patricia R. Zimmermann


Exercising Radical Democracy: The Crisis of Representation and Interactive Documentary as an Agent of Change
by Amir Husak

Beyond “Toolness”: Korsakow Documentary as a Methodology for Plurivocal Interventions in Complexity
by Anna Wiehl

Rediscovering “Wonder” through I-Docs: Reflections on “Immersive” Viewing in the Context of Contemporary Digital/Visual Practices
by Paolo Favero

The Poetics and Politics of Polyphony: Towards a Research Method for Interactive Documentary
by Judith Aston and Stefano Odorico


Polyphony in Practice: An Interview with Sharon Daniel
by Sharon Daniel, Judith Aston, and Stefano Odorico

Enacting Polyphony: An Interview with Florian Thalhofer
by Florian Thalhofer, Judith Aston, and Stefano Odorico

Case Studies

The Shore Line as Polyphony in Practice: A Case Study
by Elizabeth Miller

Experimental Polyphony: On the Media Ecological Research of Intermediate Bodies
by Daniel Fetzner and Martin Dornberg

Book Reviews


Far East Film Festival 20
Report by Boel Ulfsdotter and Mats Björkin

“Looking Out”: The 2018 Association for Art History’s Annual Conference
Report by Gillian McIver

Reports Editor: Davide Abbatescianni